International Women´s Forum Spain

IWF Spain

"IWF -International Women's Forum" promotes women's leadership through careers, cultures and continentes. It's a unique organization which brings together more than 6.400 leader womens of 34 different countries

"International Women's Forum (IWF)"  is a free women's international organisation which promotes and maximizes the opportunities for the women with a firm commitment of building and enhancing its leadership at a worldwide level

IWF Values

  • To support the women leadership
  • To respect different points of view
  • To share knowledge and Ideas
  • To enrichs other's lives
  • To support a global, national and local network of leader women'sales
  • To open possibilities
  • To train other women to become leaders in the future

IWF is a unique organisation both on its genere and on its composition, with a very diverse base of members in different areas. IWF associated partners are the worldwide women leaders which lead their countries, governments, corporations, businesses, academic institutions, artistic communities, philantropic institutions and commerce organizations, diplomacy, science and technology. Among them, there are heads of state, CEO, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, decision taking women and success seekers.

Through the "Leadership Foundation", the vision and objectives of IWF are shared among the public globally. As the education and training tool of IWF, the Leadership Foundation brings to its partners the opportunity to promote a world of knowledge and mutual understanding which is key for the future perspectives of the leader women.

The access to the association is per invitation only as per international standards. everything related to the admission is solely competence of each IWF delegation in the countries where it exists.